Monday, November 19, 2007

Bersih, the people cant see you :(

Bersih, you have moved me.

But i fear that its only possible as i am one of a seemingly insufficient group of folks that have the know-how to see what is happening online.

Can we, the people, really sit back and let the media give us false hopes, censored information, even blatant cover-ups every other day, and take it whenever they say its for the better of the country when they are discovered? Isnt a democracy something where the PEOPLE decide what is better for the country?

Perhaps i should state where i stand. I am neither pro or anti opposition, which somehow i feel would lend some credibility to what i have to our ministers always seem to spit at any comments that come from opposition parties these days, or fuck, even foreigners...i.e.:

The Backman Column (my first real eye opener)
Back when Michael Backman penned the Malaysia Bodoh article, i thought he made some very interesting points. I was eager to see what response our folks upstairs would offer in the face of such grounded what happened? our dear Rafidah pops up and proclaims that he is an outsider and does not know what hes talkin about!...that for me was an eye opener. Was she even worried that others like me might know the content of the article she had just discredited?...

No. Of course not. The media will make sure the general pop is in a fog. Even folks down to my parents didnt know the extent of it. The media had made it as though the only part of the Backman column that matters was the "Malaysia Bodoh" statement.

A quick visit to quickly resolved that after they read the articles i printed out.

Up to then, i had never bothered to vote. I go fishing and leave things be the way they are. i was happy. But when a minister takes up an argument the way some kids might argue a point...with no facts, i started to freak. How can they make us believe its our voice they portray when im at home chewing my lips yelling "what the hell!!?"

Now Bersih
A year of stuff goes by and now its BERSIH! I applaud the move.

I read CNNs report, Al Jazeeras, even BBCs...all gave more scope on the topic at hand than our local media. Amazingly, the are hardly any decent pics on Bersih ...just some pics of the traffic caused by roadblocks set up because of some evil "opposition rally".

PM actually said its bad to cause racial disharmony...did you even see it? did you not see the Malays standing with the Indians, Chinese and what-not... In my eyes, how can you make a statement like that? Remember, i am a regular citizen. I have to make choices on what you are saying. Stop shooting empty cans.

On our dear Zam
Our "Information" Minister... i am appaled. How can you go on a live interview and shoot your mouth off like that? You directly attacked the Al Jazeera network instead of explaining what was happening. You taunted them saying that MALAYSIA IS LAUGHING at them.

HOW DARE YOU SPEAK FOR ME! You are the biggest let down for an Information Minister. I should really thank you, as you did more to further BERSIH's cause than oppose it. Im sure you guys know it as well, as the papers are now trying to put down the Al-Jazeera network...and no one seems to know what you said except those who know where to look for the information. I had to actually make another trip home to make sure mom and dad didnt get sidetrailed by our media once again...

Transcript of the interview here: (You will need to scroll down a bit)
or better yet, watch it here:

You say they give a voice only to opposition parties? then why the hell did you get interviewed? You are supposed to manage information? then do it like a professional when given the chance, and not like some uneducated stuttering twit.

Heck, a local article now states that you told the station that police used water cannons to disperse the crowds. It appears that the teargas is no longer mentioned. Maybe tomorrow, even less will be mentioned, and eventually some folks will then toast to the issue being successfully swept under a rug.

My biggest annoyance now is that most of the people voting would never see a Bersih rally picture in local news, See its coverage on a video, would never have gone to YouTube and typed in Bersih. Would never go to Google News to see what international articles are being penned on it...

...Would never browse the blogs, cos for God's sake, its all written by jobless females with nothing better to do so they are out to cause problems (as mentioned by our Information Minister, of course)...

I mean, just look at this:
Something like this would be a nice front page article in our papers.

From the "Malaysia Bodoh" colums down to the Lingamgate video and more recently, mom's response (shes a daily The Star reader) would sum it up best:

"...i had no idea..." many more people would actually be saying that if we could just open their eyes.

Im pretty sure who they aren't voting for this coming round of elections.

I know that i dont carry much weight as a non political blog, and maybe thats the point of it. Right now, I am nothing but a distrought citizen.

Thank you Mr Government.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

some brain droppings...

Gawd...its been what, months?

Decided to blog today because of a dish: Antipasto...after sis made some for her friends in aussieland.

Have you ever heard a more depressing name? Its evil sounding, negative even...the name carries so much meaning.

Has it ever made u think?

Whats a pasto?
Does Anti-pasto merely mean not a pasto?
Is it put there to kill off whatever pasto has done for us?
Maybe even to kill all the pasto that come by?

yeah, well...This is what coffee does for ur thoughts anyways...


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Anal-ogy : Spam


The mean machine!

Charlie: Uh, careful ar, this bike no brakes
Me: No brakes?...or poor brakes?
Charlie: Well. the back brakes are there, they just dont work...
Me: Front brakes?
Charlie: What front brakes?
Me: ...

Doesnt help that the haruan hunt is miles away...
Doesnt help that we have to go through rough laterite terrain and used lorry paths...
Doesnt help that the potholes here could really swallow pots...the mamak kind.
Doesnt help that im riding pillon with a rider just half my weight...
Doesnt help that he has to negotiate a path and also balance my bulk...
Doesnt help that i have to carry two rods in one hand and still help balancing...
Doesnt help that the rods were fully assembled, rigged and baited...

Doesnt help that over here, helmets are for pussies...

Welcome to Selama!...Gotta love this place...

Saturday, January 14, 2006

NcT Gang's word of the month #2 - Pythonic


Ever see a Python eat a cow and do much after?

It is that useless, lethargic feeling one is infused with right after a good meal. Things usually get little lohless about this time too...

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

ASS EOs (warning:rant)

SEOs, or Search Engine Optimizers are generally folks that make good money by pushing up search engine results of their paying customers.

There are many methods employed by SCOs that cross the ethical boundry, but they are here to stay as there are always companies looking to get the best search results in any search engine...

What got under my skin was seeing one company advertising in my favourite daily...If they wish to advertise, it is their god given right, but the actual advertisement i believe should have at least passed through the editors of the newspaper first to be sure it isnt in any way misleading the public.

My eyes go down to the Eonenet advertorial.

"make real money bla coach bla bla"...holy shite...ive seen spam do less...and given my stance on spam, thats saying a LOT!

"-- ranked the World's Top Internet Marketing Coach in top search engines"

WHAT THE #%@&!!!? Since when does a Search Engine result give you any authority????! THESTAR ACTUALLY PUBLISHED THIS??? IS THE EDITOR SMOKING SOMETHING HE SHOULDNT BE???My favourite daily began looking like a cheap tabloid...i couldnt believe it.

Talking to some colleagues, everyone agreed...if this keeps up...thestar was heading down the crapper...

Run Google with "Internet Marketing Coach", and its true, her name pops up on top of the list.
Run with "Internet Marketing Consultant" and her name completely dissapears...why?? choice of words you schmucks!...

This is just ONE of the methods search engines and the people using them are manipulated by these unethical consultant? the search engines just matching words, not their meanings...

Its ALL a play of words...smoke and mirrors...

Yet how do they get away with this? simple...the target markets they go for...and the target region, asia...there arent enough tech-savvy folks here in our money driven industry with the ethical stance to see what these folks are doing.

If you visit or, you cant help but notice the trumpet blowing and euphamisms that fecally decorate the entire site.

#1 yadda dada!!! TOP bla bla bla...but not ranked by people, nooo, just search engines... and hey!!...Aren't SEOs main job function to optimize search engines to produce biased search results anyway? What a surprise to see her result on top huh?!!

Anyone with the technical know how can make their search results come out as number one in any search engine if they really wanted to...

Here, try this on for size: Go to and search for "fione tan unethical and misleading" and look at what the TOP SEARCH RESULT is all about!!!

Hey, its on the top of the search engine's search results right folks?!!! should'nt it be true then? must be an SEO too!

Bite me...

Monday, December 26, 2005

The Gift

It all began while Penang Bridge fishing the weekend before Xmas...Getting water with a rope n bucket, glasses snag the rope, flying off into the deep blue yonder...and left me with this dumbass glassless look on my face...Strike 1!

Then my baby's front absorbers blow out...taking a corner, lucked out on a pothole in the road...*$igh*...heres a good enough reason to get those HWL absorbers being the eternal optimist, wasnt able to immediately see that this was actually Strike 2!

Woke up...shit, showered and shined myself ready for work...Just a few more days to my LOOOONG holiday break...what could go wrong?? already had my glasses lost and car hurt...statistically, i should be in for a good rest-of-the-week!...


Picked up my bag, latch was apparently unsecured...even tho i dont remember opening it in the first place...'KEEErAsh!!!!'...Floor? meet Camera, Camera? meet Floor...

Jobe? meet Strike 3!

I snapped, roared, and did the math...this was a bad week!!...with 3 seperate accidents that would cost me upwards of 500 each, this was something i could not afford at Xmas...i let out another roar...and call in sick.

Holidays finally came...While bitching to some buddies, and having them laugh at me for having such a ridiculous week reminded me of what hanging out and talking cock was really about....I had been doing the work bit a little much lately and seem to have forgotten what really mattered...its not that i had completely stopped hanging out...its just how i never really appreciated it...sometimes you need to feel down enough to be reminded...

Amazing how sometimes a bad streak comes by and reminds you just how important it is not to take the good streaks for granted.

It made me make a point of enjoying my buddies during Xmas and my week off...

It was a bad week, It made a great Xmas! ;)

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Jingle Nuts...


- Jobe ;) -